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Some time away

It feels uncomfortable for me to write this, since it’s not exactly good news, but here goes: I need to take some time away from this site.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been struggling a bit here in recent weeks, trying to keep this blog sailing along at her usual clip, and it’s not working very well. Between helping Brandon with Delancey and meeting my own work deadlines, I’ve been stretched thin. I’m not doing a very good job of any of it. Actually, I’m doing a pretty awful job of all of it.

This site has always been about a kind of love - a love for food, namely, and for writing - but right now, that love is temporarily redirected toward some other, more immediate demands, like helping my husband to tile and grout the (ginormous) facade of a pizza oven. In the spirit of keeping it real around here, I have to admit that I need some time to focus on the restaurant - and, if we’re being deadly honest, to try to enjoy the process, rather than feel overwhelmed by it. I also have some work-related travel coming up, and it needs my attention, too.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with the well refilled, I hope, and with plenty of recipes and stories for you. In the meantime, I hope you’ll understand my silence. With summer so close, and barbecues and gin and tonics and whatnot, I’ll bet you won’t even notice.

P.S. If you’d like to follow the progress of Delancey, you should check out Brandon’s Twitter feed. And I’ll be posting photos on Flickr, too.


Blogger Rebecca Leone said...

Good call, Mol. I assure you, you have the complete understanding and support of every Orangette reader who's also a business owner and pizza lover. Take a deep breath, safe travels & happy grouting. I adore you!

9:28 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger Sharon said...

Way to go Molly! I'm so happy to hear you have a lot on your plate. The best times of lives are the busy ones! Have fun with the process- we know you'll check in once you have the time :) And good luck!

9:30 PM, May 18, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Molly, we completely understand. Best wishes on Delancey and your other projects!

9:33 PM, May 18, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's to time off to refresh. Enjoy summer and, as the saying goes, take time to smell the roses. Good luck with Delancey and your other projects.

9:37 PM, May 18, 2009  
Anonymous Alicia A. said...

Just finished the book today, Molly.

Magnificent work, lady.

I can't wait to get cooking!

9:44 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger Heather said...

Yep. Makes total sense. Blog should be for you, not you for it!

Was at Honore for macarons the other day and got a fun sneak peak in Delancey where your cute husband was working! That oven looks great!

9:53 PM, May 18, 2009  
Anonymous Aria said...

Take a break.....you deserve it!!! We've got your amazing book and your blog archives to tide us over while we await your return. :)

9:56 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger RachelleLouise said...

Hi Molly. I finished your book some time ago and I just wanted to say how delightful it was. I found myself holding back each evening so there would be another chapter to enjoy the next night, and the next... I was so bummed when there wasn't another!

Best of luck to you with all of these important ventures you are involved with! It's wonderful that you are making your priorities so dear.

My hubby and will definitely dine at Delancey and I look forward to seeing the fruits of all this labor! I know it will be amazing.

10:00 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger A Day That is Dessert said...

All the best to you and Brandon at this time!! xoxo

10:08 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger lilalia said...

May your work find wings and may your success with the tiling make you and your husband proud. Go for it!

10:12 PM, May 18, 2009  
Anonymous Liz said...

Oh, Man! I just found your blog.

But absolutely one must enjoy life's journey....and know when to let go of one thing to embrace another.

I'll be checking back. Good luck!

10:23 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger Lickedspoon said...

I'm sure everyone understands. Take time to enjoy the process - this is an exciting time for you and you should relish every second. We'll all be here when you get back (sipping gin and tonics in your honour, no doubt)!

I just finished your book and loved every page. I laughed, I cried, I cooked...

10:32 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger MyLastBite said...

Good for you. Relish this time with Brandon, even if it's sometimes not so fun. You'll laugh about it later.

It was such a pleasure meeting you in Seattle. I was the gal with too many tiny post-it stickers, marking every single favorite line in your book (there were many).

Page 270

"I love Brandon for lots of things... But if I had to name just one reason, it would be this: because he made my home- my city and my little place within it- feel, for the first time, like home."


We'll all be here for you.

10:32 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger Lady P said...

It takes strength to know your limits and even more to be honest with yourself and with others - gutsy move - reclaim what it yours -

11:07 PM, May 18, 2009  
Anonymous mon ami said...

Good for you for allowing yourself some time to rest and rejuvenate (as much as that is possible with starting a business, promoting a book, etc).

You are an inspiration to many, myself included, and you will continue to be no matter how long of a break you need.

Looking forward to seeing Delancey in person - what a great excuse to drive down the I-5 to Seattle!


11:09 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger Emily said...

Not to worry, my dear. I'm sure this was a hard decision, but I'm equally sure it was the right one.
Don't suppose work travel is taking you my way?
Good luck, lady! I keep telling everyone in classes that there's a great restaurant that will be opening up in early summer in Seattle. ;)

11:22 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger Mama Bear said...

Bravo for recognizing that you need a break...and taking it!

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and I'm looking forward to reading your book.

Best, best of luck with Delancey; my husband and I are planning a day trip to Seattle a little closer to fall, and I'm hoping we'll be able to come and see it in person!

Looking forward to your next post, whenever that might be!

11:28 PM, May 18, 2009  
Anonymous CD's said...

I just reached your blog, and started reading your 1st post. I believe by the time i finish reading all your post, you will be back! :-)

Wishing you all the best!

11:40 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger Laura said...

Molly, you will be missed, but you have to go with your heart.

Best of luck with the restaurant. I will tell our Seattle friends to come and check it out when it opens.

11:48 PM, May 18, 2009  
Blogger Elizabeth B said...

You know, I told another restaurant owner once, "The people who love you will forgive you, and the ones who won't aren't worth your time." It's true for you, too. Best wishes.

12:32 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Pip Lincolne said...

Have a lovely break, Molly!
We will miss you, but we can manage without you, until your triumphant return!
Love what you do!

12:38 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Amber said...

Don't worry - we will all be here when you get back. :-)It's always good to take a break, especially if life is overwhelming....you need to focus on the important things - like the hubby and the restaurant!

12:52 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Raecheybaby said...

Molly, don't worry. Everyone needs a break sometimes, we'll wait and you rest and come back recharged.

Take care of you both,

Hugs all round

1:49 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Mélanie said...

Molly, I'm sure everyone will understand your decision... We'll wait patiently for your return! :)
In the meantime, I wish you good luck with all your deadlines... Hope you'll be able to enjoy it a little more...

2:26 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Linda Y said...

i am a newbie to your site (3 months into orangette)...you are the first site i go to in the a.m.
i am certain your loyal followers (i now consider myself one) totally understand and respect your commitment...your generosity of spirit is amazing! best wishes.

3:19 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

We will miss you, but we completely understand your need to step away. Best wishes!

3:20 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Brandi said...

Good luck with all of your projects. It's a smart move to prioritize the way you are. And don't worry, we'll all still be here after you've recharged and are ready to start again!

3:24 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Mama JJ said...

It's good to know you're human, Molly, and I mean that in the best sense possible. None of us can do it all, and it's refreshing when people admit to it. Enjoy the break---go whip that restaurant into shape!

3:27 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Victoria said...

We'll all be here when you return. In the meantime, we can re-read your book, old posts, and Bon Appetit articles.

Enjoy yourself, keep a little diary, take loads of pictures, and hug Brandon a lot!

Enjoy the adventure. See you when you get back.

3:52 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Minnie said...

Hi Molly,
I'm loving your book, slowly savoring it over a few weeks. And I just blogged about making one of your recipes with my three-year-old son. Thank you for writing about your love for food the way you do. I have your archives and old issues of Bon Appetit to tide me over with your writing until you return. Best of luck in your new enterprise.

4:14 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Nancy said...

Molly --
I feel like I know you and Brandon from the blog and book and, as someone who has FAR too much on my plate as well, I applaud your wise yet tough decision.

Love, love the book -- wanted to tell you that for Mother's Day my daughter couldn't wait to give it to me, and I had a copy for her in my suitcase! We both love it.

I'm far from you in Wisconsin but will convince my husband we need a trip to Seattle in the next couple of years to get some really awesome pizza. Best of luck and ENJOY it!

4:39 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger oneordinaryday said...

Darn. I just discovered you and now I feel like you're moving away. LOL

Pizza lovers will unite in supporting your grouting and restaurant obligations. I'll look forward to some great pics and posts after you're refreshed and rejuvenated.

Good luck and don't forget to have fun! Blessings!

4:47 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Lori K said...

Molly, I know this time away from the blog will recharge you and you'll be back more creative than ever. I'll miss Orangette, but look forward to your return. Good luck with all your projects!

5:08 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger petoskystone said...

good luck! remember--in between grouting & painting to dance with the puppy!

5:14 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Anna said...

Sounds like a good decision, Molly. Enjoy getting your restuarant on its fledgling feet. It's important that Orangette is a source of pure enjoyment for you.

5:15 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Juanita said...

I will miss your blog--I am totally hooked. But you are making a good decision to take some time to do other things and to recharge your blogging battery. Good luck with Delancey--my family and I will be there soon to enjoy Brandon's and your pizza!

5:19 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger teryll said...

Your weekly posts will be missed, but we all understand the need for a break. You have alot going on in your life and balance truly is the key. Best of luck, I look forward to your triumphant return!

5:39 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous ellen said...

Well of course we'll notice...but take your time, we'll be here when you come back. In the meantime, we have your book and the archives and some of our own cooking to do, too!

5:51 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Gemma said...

Completely understandable (not that we won't miss you). Good luck with the travels and good luck with the tiling.

6:11 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger jai.faim said...

Sometimes it is best to take a step away. We will all be here when you have the availability to return. In the meantime, I will find much pleasure re-reading your old posts, perusing through your column in bon appétit and testing your delectable recipes. You are such an inspiration to women and the young entrepreneurs at heart.

6:12 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Ann said...

Good for you Molly. I can't wait to hear all about it when you come back!

6:29 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger jodi said...

enjoy yourself!

6:45 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Sizzle said...

It's really important to focus on what is at hand and prioritize life so I commend you for doing that. We'll all still be here when you get back. :-)

6:56 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CD has a good point. Time to go back and be re-entertained/inspired. Also, your book is on its way from amazon, so we'll pretend you're still here, and by the time we can no longer fool ourselves, you'll be back. Get that restaurant up and walking. Signed "Anonymous," but actually expat39520

6:57 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Lisa said...

We'll all be here when you get back. Go enjoy making Delancey and all your exciting food writing projects, and yes, enjoy the summer. Preferably with a cocktail.

7:33 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Katie said...

Enjoy your break - and sneak in a few barbecues while you're at it. We'll be here when you get back.

7:36 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Matilda said...

I'll miss you and your writing, especially since I've unwisely finished your very lovely book already. Good luck!

7:38 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous SunsetHill Girl said...

I think we could all see your departure coming. You shouldn't miss the joy and struggle of opening Delancey with Brandon. My family will be there when the doors open and many visits after that in thanks for the wonderful meals made at home from your blog. I will be waiting for your return, please return. A heartfelt thanks for all the pleasure this blog, it's photos and your food has brought us.

That said... enjoy the summer and all that life hands you in the upcoming months.

7:38 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger SB in SB said...

You've got to do what's right for you. We'll miss you but am happy that you're able to share this experience with Brandon. That is what happy couples do. We'll still be here when you're ready to return.

7:42 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Jessica said...

That is a good call. Opening a restaurant seems like such an incredible labor of love you really should be able to enjoy it. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next post and in the meantime coming to Seattle (yay!) I wish Delancey were going to be open, but this being my first visit to the Pacific Northwest, I'm sure it won't be the last. My mans and I are looking forward to taking up some of the suggestions you have listed in your FAQ section. Good luck with everything!

7:49 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Rosie said...

Thanks for your honesty, Molly! As a writer myself, spring just seems to zap me of the energy (focus?) to sit and write, and maintaining a blog is a responsibility, to some extent. Best to focus where you can make the most difference. Good luck, and see you when you're recharged!

Rosie DeQuattro

7:54 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Monica said...

Take excellent care of your self, it is easy to let it go too long with these huge projects in your life. It is ok to ask for help and it is ok to let things go for awhile. I am rooting for you both!

7:58 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Danielle said...

Good luck with all of that!

(I just finished your book last night. What a good purchase!)

7:59 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous potsandpins said...

While I wait for you to return and Delancey to open, I'll reread your book...which I love...and try to find another way to get my daily fix of food and fun! Have a great breakation. xo, Nan

8:04 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger John said...

Best of luck and stay busy! As a business owner, I know how things can threaten to spiral out of control every so often! Sometimes you need more than one of you! Looking forward to the opening of the restaurant, and to the resumption of the blog...whenever that may be! Good fortune to the restaurant, and keep looking forward...control what you can control, and that's your attitude and outlook! Go get em!

8:12 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous LilSis said...

Hi Molly,
As I always say when too much is on my plate..."I'm only one person."

You can only do so much and it is completely understood. Wish you well with all your endeavors.

I'm reading your book and have been meaning to let you know that it is a featured book on our blog right now.

Good Luck!

8:32 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Denise said...

No matter how much we'd like to be able to juggle ten things at once, sometimes it's just not possible. Kudos to you for recognizing the situation and choosing to do something about it. Best of luck with Delancey and all the other projects on your plate.

P.S. I recently picked up a copy of your book and look forward to reading it while you are on hiatus.

8:33 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Molly, I think you've made a wise decision. I'll miss your weekly posts (I've been reading them for about 2 years), but will be patient.
I'd like you to know that I bought your book in April and read it like a novel. I bought a copy for my 80 year old mother too, for Mother's Day. She's never been much of a cook, but I knew she'd enjoy your family stories. Along with the book I also brought to my parent's home a large container of Doron's meatballs and some pickled grapes. Both were huge hits! Thank you for sharing your memories and favorite recipes with us.
Susan L.

8:47 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Linda said...

Now I have time to catch up on your archives and reread A Homemade Life! Good luck on getting Delancey opened. I can't wait to stop by for a slice!

8:55 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger amarie1 said...

I can't put your book down! When I'm finished (tonight probably) I'll just have to start it over again to keep me entertained while you're gone! Best of luck

9:00 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Errin said...

Everyone needs to take a break, even from the things we love.

I'll be right here when you get back awaiting stories of your adventures!

9:11 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have a good break. pls come back!

9:18 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Anna said...

we'll miss you! but i can't wait to hear about everything when you get back...and to come to the restaraunt when it opens!

9:42 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger indigo said...

Actually, I was waiting for this... & think maybe I should have suggested it, although since you don't know me from any other infrequent commenter, that might've been kinda presumptuous. Whatever, please take all the time you need, & if it turns out to be several months instead of several weeks, that's fine too! Best of luck!

10:15 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger country girl said...

Funnily enough, your break is perfect timing for me...I just discovered this blog and now I have a chance to read through the archives at a comfortable pace without feeling pressured to keep up with new posts! :)
Enjoy you time off Molly!

10:19 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger lillie said...

good for you! enjoy your time and yourself and your travels. (luckily, i just picked up a copy of your book this week, so i'll still be getting a daily dose of orangette!)

10:24 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Laura. said...

yes, of course we understand! and to be honest, sometimes it's hard to not start thinking you are superwoman. so, as strange as it might sound, it is a relief to know that no one can really do it all (i hope that came out right). i think you are great! and so talented, and as others have said, very wise to focus on what needs to be happening right now, knowing that we will be here, cheering you on, and ready to read whatever you write when you get back. take care of yourself and enjoy the other things in your life! love to you!

10:35 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Kerry said...

Enjoy the time away from your writing, even if it is spent tiling and grouting and whatnot. You'll be refreshed when you get back, and we'll all still be here!

10:39 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Barrie said...

Mondays won't be the same!

Bon voyage, enjoy and hurry back.


10:44 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Bria said...

Hang in there, m'dear. We will all be here when you get back. Sometimes the best gifts we can give ourselves are breaks when we need them. In the meantime, enjoy your restaurant process and I'll go finish enjoying your truly excellent book.

10:54 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger jones said...

Good luck and hope that you return when you get some spare moments.

11:45 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger laura said...

Those G&Ts will help, but you'll still be missed!

11:49 AM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger alisa said...

Hope you have fun on your leave...new restaurant sounds so exciting! You should definitely try to enjoy the process at all costs:0)

By the way, I just purchased your book and am waiting on tenterhooks for it to arrive!!!

Thanks for always being an inspiration<3

11:58 AM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Sweet Life Farm said...

Terrific timing, Molly! I just bought your lovely book yesterday. I'm sure its pages are filled with beautiful words and sweet delights that will inspire my days while you are away. Seattle born and raised, I look forward to returning one day soon for a visit and a meal, or two, at Delancey. Best wishes & many Blessings!

12:07 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Sandy said...

Whew! This will give me some time to catch up on all the recipes/posts I've missed. Seriously, go, girl, and enjoy. This should be a very exciting time in your life, and life is too short to be stressed. We look forward to your return.

12:12 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not going to add anything new but here goes: Please take all of the time that you need. It probably does not ever occur to you how many people's lives have been enriched by this blog. Heck, my husband has never even read it but the satisfied noises I hear him make as he devours a bowl of your granola each moring bring me great joy. Life is precious, beautiful and most of all short! I'll be here waiting . . .

12:12 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous autumn said...

I have really enjoyed your blog and have made several of the recipes lately. They've even become part of my own repertoire, but i always give you credit! It has helped with my own creativity as a cook and i am glad i can look back through your archives to try some others.

Best of luck with Delancey and everything else. My cousin loves in Seattle so i know I'll get a chance to visit someday.

12:24 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger bugheart said...

time off
is a good
but you
will be missed.
good luck
to both of
hope you
get to enjoy
the process
a little.

12:26 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Karen said...

I have been quietly, but religiously, following your blog for about a year now.
While I only FEEL like I know you, I think I can say that you've obviously made a really hard decision, but it is undoubtedly the right one. As such, there shall be no guilt! That's an order. Most of your readers could probably spend a few months just going through the archived posts, so we'll keep busy.

12:30 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger lovelymorning said...

As long as you come to LA for a book tour!!!! We need you down here. BAD. If you come I will give you some pretty blue eggs from my hens. Okay no guarantee on the blue. They might be pink or maybe a soft beige. You like surprises, right?

Please please please come south. You know you miss california.

I'm in the middle of your book, can you tell?

1:20 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Emily said...

I'll miss the updates but it will also give me time to peruse your archives and other recipes. Good luck with everything!

1:35 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I, too, have been quietly cooking and reading alongside you, and am a little sad this post will be my first comment. You will be missed but it does give us all time to catch up to you. Your book is incredible, I've recommended it to everyone I know.

While she's no "Molly" there's a friend I have who is blogging on local foods. You all might enjoy her too, at least until Molly comes back. Her site:http://www.twinyolks.blogspot.com/

I already can't wait for you to come back. Hope the times is as restful and reassuring as possible for you! Enjoy your summer.

1:51 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Jen said...

Here's to relaxation, inspiration and rejuvenation! Enjoy your travels and the construction of Delancey with your hubby. Take care lady!

1:57 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Eric said...

Be here when you get back.

2:22 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Cooking Mama said...

Oh and I just started following you! But I understand completely about needing to take some time off. Hopefully you'll be recharged and refocused when you come back. You will be missed!

2:27 PM, May 19, 2009  
OpenID thecatskillkiwi said...

a rest is as good as a change... or vice versa!

3:43 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Nancy said...

I, too, just discovered you - through your wonderful book - so I'm sad to see you taking a leave, but it's very understandable. Enjoy every moment of it, find lots of rest & relaxation amongst it all. We'll all be here, waiting for your return.

3:53 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Mixing Bowl Mama said...

Good for you for recognizing the need for a break...enjoy your life now and I look forward to hearing from you when you return.

3:53 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Erin said...

Hi, Molly. I hope time away allows you to recharge and refocus. I'll be here when you get back (along with a lot of readers, it looks like). BTW: I finished your book a few weeks ago and loved it utterly. Well done. I could scarcely put it down!

3:59 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Zoomie said...

In addition to your marvelous writing and your love of food, what we admire about you is your honesty. Thanks for leveling with us and for taking the time you need for your "real life." We'll miss you - don't think for a moment that we won't! - but we'll happily imagine you up to your elbows in grout and paint spatters. Hope you'll miss us, too. :-)

4:12 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just got your book last night. I will have that to tide me over for your much deserved time off!

4:14 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll promise to visit anyway to get caught up on all that happened before I joined you on this blog journey. I enjoyed your book very much- you should be very proud of it.

5:20 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Anne said...

Molly, I hope the restaurant and the traveling all go well. I'll miss your wonderful writing, but I am feeling overwhelmed at the time myself and completely understand the need to make some choices. Cheers! Happy cooking while you're away!

5:49 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you, Molly! I just finished eating Doran's meatballs and they were a triumph in taste and texture (the crunchy with the sweet with the savory...oh my). Thanks for all your fabulous recipes and hard work!
-Sarah M.

6:01 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Elian in NH said...

My daughter Sam just brought me my very own autographed copy that she got at Omnivore's Books in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago! I am LOVING it!!!! Molly, you're a wonderful writer.
I'll miss your blog - but your book will keep me company until you come back ;)) I can't wait to start cooking some of those recipes, too.

6:44 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time away. We'll miss you, but we'll all be wishing you well. Oh! Almost forgot - made Spinach & Green Garlic soup the other night. YUM!

6:59 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger BB said...

Very understandable, besides, I'm still reading & enjoying your book. Take all the time you need! We'll be here when you return. I love this website.

7:29 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Debbie said...

Absolutely loved your book! I felt like someone actually understood me...
looking forward to stopping by Delancy once it opens. Enjoy your journey!!

7:39 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger City Girl said...

Time off is good. And you know none of us are going anywhere. Btw, I made the spinach and green garlic soup two nights ago and I LOVE IT. Thank you for making all of our lives better and our stomachs happier.

7:57 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger this humble abode said...

You'll be missed, but I can completely understand. Go focus on that restaurant so I can eat pizza when I'm up there this July.

8:11 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger lynette said...

Two of us here in Hood River will miss you terribly! But we wish you well and will console ourselves with your book and brussel sprouts simmered in cream. Best wishes to you and Brandon!

Lynette & Rebecca

8:13 PM, May 19, 2009  
Blogger Emelie C. said...

I'll miss you. In the meantime, I'll be making your rhubarb crisp compulsively. (Please, rhubarb, stay in the markets a little longer.) The last time I made it, I just wanted to talk to you about it.
Now I feel like you are a far-away friend who is going on a well-deserved trip. Good luck.

8:21 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Whitney said...

Take all the time you need!

I am still slowly savoring your wonderful book :)

9:41 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

A wise move. Good luck with everything. We'll be here when you return.

10:55 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Jen said...

Unbeknownst to my bf, your blog has been a major factor in his gustatory satisfaction! Your Winning Hearts and Minds cake and granola recipes are standards at our house. Every time we polish off the granola, the bf looks at me with panic-stricken eyes and says, "You're making more, right? RIGHT?!" Before granola, he chronically skipped breakfast.

What you share here helps to enrich the lives of others. That said, you most definitely deserve to take time to savor the process of opening the restaurant, and to enjoy the success of your book! I'll use your break to more thoroughly peruse your archives. In the meantime, good luck to you and Brandon.

11:08 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Cherie on Bainbridge said...

You will be thought of often - in fact, each time I make our new staple - warm French lentil salad!! And when we are retracing your steps in Paris this June! It was so great to see you and hear your great story at the IFBC. Can't wait to get you here on our little Island. Until then, safe travels and happy thoughts!

11:16 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous jamieofalltrades said...

Good luck with Delancy. Can't wait for it to open!

11:16 PM, May 19, 2009  
Anonymous Jacqueline said...

Take your time molly, you've got a lot on your plate right now.

and when your ready, we'll all be here. eagerly awaiting to hear of an adventure, a story, an update, a recipe.... :-)

11:41 PM, May 19, 2009  
OpenID Francesca (maybenextweek) said...

Good luck & happy travels, Molly! We look forward to hearing your adventures when you get back. Take your time & have fun!

12:15 AM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just starting reading your blog a few weeks back, but loved it. I'm sad that you won't be posting. Good luck w/ your restaurant.

12:19 AM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous Sarah Caron said...

We all need a break sometime and good for you for recognizing and accepting when you need yours. Safe travels and best of luck with the restaurant opening. We'll be here when you are ready to come back.

4:17 AM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger Maya said...

Molly,it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Good luck with everything and I hope you have a wonderful summer.

4:30 AM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger Cheilita said...

Oh, i'll miss your posts, but it's definitely a good move. I have my own business too and although it's not a restaurant, it takes alot of energy and time to keep it up. I'm loving your book. We've already made at least 3 things from it. The orangette recipes never fail.. thanks!

5:38 AM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger Heide said...

You go do what you gotta do, lady! We'll all be here, sitting and staring at the screen, waiting, waiting... :)

6:16 AM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger Lisa Clarke said...

Molly, I just wanted to tell you that I brought your book with me to a 4-day beach getaway this weekend, and I devoured it from cover to cover. I loved it, although it felt ironic to be eating (admittedly delicious) boardwalk hot dogs while reading about your fabulous meals... I'm inspired to head out for some farm-fresh ingredients today, now that I'm back home, and whip up a healthy and delicious meal or two.

Good luck getting the restaurant ready (and enjoying the process!)

6:46 AM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger kgr said...

Have a great break but just know my husband and I will be drinking A LOT of gin and tonics to nurse us through a few weeks without a new post from you. You will be sorely missed. Good luck with all those exciting projects and have fun!

7:37 AM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous erin said...

Today is the first time I signed on to your blog. I'm nearly done reading your book, which I LOVE, so thought I'd try a daily dose! Well, now I have plenty of time to catch up while you're taking a break! (from the blog, that is.) I made the banana bread recipe...yum. I had a difficult time sharing it, Molly. Thank you for such an amazing read. Take care!

7:49 AM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous Julie Whitmore said...

There is no sacrifice too great for pizza. Especially when it's baked to perfection in a wood fired brick oven. That first pizza will be clucked over like a holy relic, i'll bet. enjoy every morsel!

9:41 AM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger Pink of Perfection said...

It is so important to take time away! Even if one is not starting a freaking restaurant! We'll be eagerly awaiting when you get back and until then, drinking lots of gin and tonics. :)

10:15 AM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger Warm Bunny said...

It goes this way sometimes. That's normal. No guilt! Happy trails!

10:17 AM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger Kelsey B. said...

Good luck Molly, we understand and hope you have a great summer!

12:23 PM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger slicknik25 said...

say it ain't so! actually i'm surprised you held out for so long. enjoy the process with the restaurant and your other projects. we'll miss you :)

12:37 PM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger magpiesandmagnolias said...

I just purchased your book and I can't wait to dig in this weekend. I hope you enjoy your time away. Take deep breaths and give big smiles!

2:04 PM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous Sirena said...

Good luck Molly! I hope it feels good to be able to simply and frankly say, I need some time off :-) I hope you get to enjoy all the stuff you have on your plate. Also, It'll give me time to get to know the rest of your wonderful site and great writing :-) so it's a win-win. Good luck and enjoy!

2:25 PM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger DrB said...

Best of luck to you, Molly. It's great to see you are being honest with yourself... and with us. I know that when you come back, refreshed, you will be much happier and with a lighter spirit. :)

3:17 PM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger kstrassel said...

And just when I discovered you! I started "A Homemade Life" yesterday, and it is simply wonderful. I have long been a fan of your essays in Bon Appetit, and as a fellow food writer and blogger, I understand how difficult it is to keep blogging when so much else is happening in your life. Congratulations on Delancey - now I truly have a reason to visit Seattle! Keep smiling, keep writing, and keep cooking--the banana chocolate ginger bread may be just what you need right about now...

Kate Strassel

5:23 PM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger Hannah said...

I will miss you. (Seems weird to say that, because I don't even know you.)
See you soon.

6:43 PM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger Amanda said...

You absolutely deserve to focus on the amazing, frightening, exhillerating, exhausting other things in your life. Don't worry...we'll be here when you get back!

7:54 PM, May 20, 2009  
Blogger SophisticatedSoul said...

Wow. It would have been cool to have had a contest to get a few bloggers to try and fill your shoes in your absence. That would have been fun. Readers could have nominated writers and then voted. But then again that would have been one more project so it would have been self-defeating. Forget I said anything.

8:21 PM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous Angry Brit said...

As everyone has pointed out, no one blames you for making this choice. We can only stretch ourselves so thin. Enjoy your time away (as much as you can), good luck, and we'll see you back here soon!

2:44 AM, May 21, 2009  
Anonymous Solange said...


I'll miss reading your blog, but when you have got to go, you have got to go only come back as soon as you can.

7:30 AM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger Belle said...

For what it is worth - I gave up blogging after only two posts! You did awesome - I got so much pleasure from reading your gentle voice. My only regret is that I came late to the party, having found your blog only a few months ago.

8:57 AM, May 21, 2009  
Anonymous EB said...

Enjoy your moment sugar! We'll be here when you get back.

9:06 AM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger Tanya said...

I just found you via your book.. That I {{heart}}. I look forward to your return here and I hope all goes well with your restaurant.
I myself have just discovered my love of food. It's taken me 39 years of my life and a battle with anorexia to fall in love with food. I'm now a happy well rounded mother of 4 with a passion for all things homemade. I too started a blog about 3 months ago and I treat it as my diary for baking and recording my accomplishments. I'm happy to have found you and will continue to follow you!

9:14 AM, May 21, 2009  
OpenID sandwicharchitecture said...

Totally understandable, of course. And yet, we'll miss your posts! Wishing you swift completion of all of your projects.

9:20 AM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger sparklerawk said...

Taking time away is always best, that way you don't end up hating everything you have to do. :)
And besides, I'm sure everyone could use the time to catch up on trying out all of your fantastic recipes!

Now go have fun building a restaurant!

11:08 AM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger Sarah Beam said...

Cheers to you, and to time to rejuvenate.

11:45 AM, May 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Molly, 1st time to visit your site after reading "Homemade Life" while on medical leave for knee replacement surgery. I couldn't put it down. It was WONDERFUL & left me with a much improved spirit. Since I work at Borders I'm telling everyone to read it. If my husband gets lucky I will make him your chocolate cake for our 35th wedding anniversary.

Life has a way of letting you know when you need to slow down & cut back. Enjoy helping your husband (because it is always nice to know where you can get a free slice of pizza), catch up on your work & come back when your ready. Till then I'll just reread your book & shock my husband by starting to cook again.

2:10 PM, May 21, 2009  
Anonymous S.Parran in Amherst, NH said...

Oh we'll miss you! I'll keep peeking in here, regardless. I get all my best dinner ideas from you!

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. ~Confucius

2:11 PM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger pixie sticks said...


2:37 PM, May 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do what you have to do, Molly, we'll still be here when you get back.

9:45 PM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger JennyMac said...

Oh please girl! We totally all understand how life can get complicated/stressful. Anyone who's a dedicated reader of your blog will support your need to take some time away to 'regroup'...You just came back from a whirlwind book tour and opening up a restaurant....if you were varaciously still blogging...I'd be wondered who was 'ghost writing' for you. Relax and have fun getting Delancy up and running. We eagerly wait to all the details. Love you Molly!

4:53 AM, May 22, 2009  
Blogger margrocks said...

of course. enjoy the ride!

6:44 AM, May 22, 2009  
Anonymous Mel H said...

I can't speak for anyone else on here, but frankly it seems like its a busy time of year for most people.

Just as you said I have been enjoying the beginnings of summer sipping G & T's and catching up with old friends who have come out of hibernation after a very long winter.

Will miss your posts, but nevertheless understand and look forward to your return!

Good luck with Delancey...

6:59 AM, May 22, 2009  
Anonymous ATigerinTheKitchen said...

Good luck with everything...can't wait to hear all about it when you're back and raring to go again! We'll all be right back where you left us. xo

7:41 AM, May 22, 2009  
Blogger fog blinded said...

I totally understand being overwhelmed. I guess this means that you pursuing your passions, which tend to take a lot time. I've only been reading your blog for about two months, but I do love it and your return will be a welcome treat. Enjoy your time off!

12:31 PM, May 22, 2009  
Blogger Alecia Stevens said...


Have you heard of "slow blogging"? It is the same as Slow Food. Slow down! Slow blogging is for those of us who know we don't ALWAYS have something snappy to say. We write when the spirit moves us and not because we are meeting someone else's deadline. (I'm a slow blogger.)

SLOW down, enjoy the summer... and blog when it makes you happy...and never, ever because you feel like you have to.

Cheers. Have a gin and tonic.

4:25 PM, May 22, 2009  
Blogger Amity said...

Hi Molly,
Just wanted to let you know that we had our book club meeting for "A Homemade Life" the other night and all enjoyed reading your stories and recipes. Each of us made 1 recipe and brought it to share with the group. Nothing like delicious food to get a group talking! We had a few "oops" in the process that turned out fabulous and I wanted to share them with you in case you care to try them out.

The first was with your buttermilk cake. One woman misread the recipe as egg whites instead of egg yolks. The result was a super light and most cake. None of us were sure we wanted to try making it the "right" way because we enjoyed it so much.

The second was with the meatballs. The woman who made them didn't have enough pine nuts so she substituted 1/2 with pistachios. Fabulous addition. We also discovered that the yogurt sauce is great on the corn cake BLTs.

Lastly, and this is for Brandon's Channa Masala, I use black cardamom pods instead of the green. They give a smokey slowed cooked flavor to the sauce.

Best of luck and thanks for giving us such a great book to read, discuss, and eat from!

3:23 AM, May 23, 2009  
OpenID pennydelossantos said...

if it's any consolation your site has completely inspired me. What a sense of design your images have. Sorta gritty but beautiful at the same time.
Really provocative images. Thank you for your hard work. Come back when you can, your work is important.

9:20 AM, May 24, 2009  
Blogger Sarah said...

I wish you luck! I recently discovered your blog, and have enjoyed reading it for the past few weeks. I'll be sad to see a lack of posts, but completely understand the obligatory pull in the other direction.

10:41 AM, May 24, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck in your business endevor. I was reading your pate atricle in the Jan '90 Bon Appetite. How did your pate turn out for the holidays?

11:02 AM, May 24, 2009  
Anonymous Green said...

Good luck. We hope to welcome you back soon.

Thank you for sharing.

7:28 AM, May 25, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how refreshing to have someone admit they cannot do it all...i am glad you just did not hire someone to do it for you because your voice is so unique i am in the middle of your book and found your site around the same time i think. look forward to your return and more stories you are a wonderful writer. very rare...

8:05 AM, May 25, 2009  
Blogger Beth said...

Remember real life is always more important than online life! Good luck and we'll be here when you have time

9:00 AM, May 25, 2009  
Blogger Bougival said...

Hi, I just bought your book and I am enjoying it. Something on page 31 made me stop and think. I am a lot older than you, and I remember white chocolate being quite a hit when I was little. In fact... just for the record... Origin and production
White chocolate first appeared in Switzerland in the 1930s. It was invented by Nestlé to use excess cocoa butter. It was first popularly distributed in America in 1948 with the introduction of Nestlé's Alpine White Chocolate bar, which contained white chocolate and almonds.

9:41 AM, May 25, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course you must be busy, but be careful. Don't ignore the blog readers which directly led to your book doing so well. I guarantee your blog is generating interest in your husband's pizza place too. The public has a fickle memory so don't bite the hand that fed you for so long.

4:45 PM, May 25, 2009  
Anonymous Butter bei die Fische said...

Hi Molly,

As much as I will miss your posts, I am not surprised you made that decision. I have been asking myself HOW in the world were you able to manage everything (esp. since I recently started my own blog and know how much time it takes) -- planning and writing Orangette, reviewing the comments of your ever-growing reader community, the book tours, creating the restaurant...
I completely understand that you need some time away - enjoy the break!

Best wishes to you, Brandon and Delancey! Looking forward to your return!!!

6:18 AM, May 26, 2009  
Blogger It's unbelievable said...

I understand completely. I am new to the site, but am enjoying it very much. While you are away I will catch up on your previous posts. Lots of lick and best wishes.

8:21 AM, May 26, 2009  
Blogger Kelly said...

I agree with the sentiments of some of the other posters. I think it's a sign of sanity that you can admit you cannot do it all. As the saying goes, you can have it all just not all at once.

Best of luck!

8:39 AM, May 26, 2009  
Anonymous laura said...

Hello Molly: I understand and can see that so many others do to. The only thing I want to add (gently add) is that perhaps you put too much pressure on yourself to come up with the "post of all posts" each time you blog. Your readers don't expect essays and recipes each time. Sometimes a quick hello and a lead on a good ingredient is fine or simply a photo of the new place with or without a caption. Maybe you feel your posts have to be as "substantial" as a seven course meal, when your guests are happy with cheese and crackers as long as they come from you.

2:23 PM, May 26, 2009  
Blogger Valerie said...

I read your book while camping this weekend. Besides making me super hungry, it also made me want to cook. So I cooked over an open fire. I made a fruit soup, roasted chicken, garlic bread and corn. It was fantastic! I can't wait to try your recipes. Good luck on the resteraunt!
:) Valerie

6:54 PM, May 26, 2009  
Blogger anya said...


you'll be missed, and waited for!! Somebody (don't remember who) once said that 'courageous person is one who feels afraid, yet she/he carries on'.

Good luck with everything!

4:59 AM, May 27, 2009  
Blogger Fun Mommy K said...

Just read your book and loved it. Makes me want to be more of a foodie than I ever did before. I had to make the custard-cornbread and it just came out of the oven and is calling to me.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your "break"!

8:16 AM, May 27, 2009  
Anonymous Melanie said...

Dear Molly,

I just purchased and have been reading your book. I have baked the fabulous lemon cake and intend to try more recipes. This is my first time visiting the blog. Take the time needed to do the work and then come back and write some more. I will be waiting to read.
Best wishes, Melanie

8:22 PM, May 27, 2009  
Anonymous Kimberly said...

Until then, at least we have macaroons :) Best wishes for Delancey and your other endeavours.

8:53 PM, May 27, 2009  
Blogger Jae Young said...

It would make me sadder that orangette become a chore and you drop it completely, so hopefully the hiatus will be restful and restorative. In the meanwhile, I may have to start reading Bon Appetit to get my regular Molly fix! Good luck with Delancey, I will tell all my Seattlite friends to test it out!

11:30 AM, May 28, 2009  
Anonymous Chloe said...

Good luck with the restaurant; I can't wait to see how it goes!

And I just wanted to let you know that my mom read your book and loved it, so she gave it to me. (She knew I'd love it too, and of course I do.) I actually haven't finished it quite yet, but your sister's scones sound so good that I'm actually just about to go make them. Well actually everything in the book sounds delicious and will definitely be made in time, but the scones come first... :)

12:13 PM, May 28, 2009  
Blogger Fine Little Day said...

Makes sense, refresh is a good idea. You deserve a break. Best of luck in your new project.

11:19 PM, May 28, 2009  
Blogger Liz said...

I realize that you're taking some time away from your blog and that there are already 168 comments on this post, but I thought I'd pitch in my own two cents anyway.
While I don't religiously follow your blog, I did read your book, and I loved it. It's one of those rare books that came along at a particularly fitting time in my life. I was really able to connect to it, and I can't wait to try out some of the recipes. I'm not exactly a gourmet and am often intimidated by the idea of approaching the stove, but I'm rather inspired by your book.
Your book is like comfort food in literary form, which, for me, is just as good as the edible variety.
Best of luck with all your projects!

7:36 AM, May 29, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Molly. You've done an excellent job with this blog and I will continue reading your archives, trying your recipes, and recommending you to others. Best wishes for success and happiness with Delancey.

5:25 AM, May 30, 2009  
Blogger kelly said...

I realize you have a ridiculously long set of comments, but I just wanted to say I wish you the best! Good luck!

10:38 AM, May 30, 2009  
Blogger Lynne said...

Hi Molly I recommended your blog to a journalist at a magazine here in the UK and I've just seen it mentioned in their monthly roundup of websites (with a photo of your book). Drop me a line if you want me to send you a copy.

12:49 PM, May 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The world of blogging creates friendships between people who never met. And, while I do feel as though a friend is taking a potentially long vacation, I congratulate you on what must have been a difficult decision. Know that all your readers will be here, waiting to hear about the success of Delancy, your cooking adventures and how you are. Best of luck, and thank you for continuing to both be an inspiration and for being true to yourself.

6:17 PM, May 30, 2009  
Anonymous Cupcake Stand said...

love your blog. so intimate yet welcoming. enjoy the time away. breathe the wild air.


6:44 PM, May 30, 2009  
Anonymous Myrtle Luma said...

It seems that I have only just discovered your blog and book as you are moving on. That is life, good luck and look forward to reading and hearing what is next. Best wishes.

12:26 AM, May 31, 2009  
Blogger Andy said...

You're #1 on that famous British newspaper, the Times.
See http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/food_and_drink/real_food/article5561425.ece

1:03 AM, May 31, 2009  
Blogger Lisa said...

I am reading your book and have read your articles in bon appetit..so it is sad to see this last posting...I am selfish I know, but I really enjoy your writing!! I am literally a zombie because I have been reading your book late into the night many nights!!! I understand that you need to focus on other things right now..but come back soon! Good luck on the new business!

10:28 AM, June 01, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now even more reason to buy your book! Congrats on your mention in Entertainment Weekly...alongside Jamie Oliver, no less!

2:26 PM, June 01, 2009  
Blogger gfe--gluten free easily said...

We understand. Best of luck on everything! BTW, I just cut out a recipe for a smart coleslaw with pears that looked good in our local paper and it was only afterwards that I realized it was one of yours. :-)


8:32 PM, June 01, 2009  
Blogger Paula said...

Aww. We'll miss you but we understand. Happy grouting and hope you enjoy!

7:24 AM, June 02, 2009  
Blogger Amélie said...

I totally understand the need to take some time off to focus on other projects. The timing works out wonderfully for me, though, because I only started reading in January of this year, so now, the hiatus gives me time to go through the archives.
I really, really love your blog! :)

8:07 AM, June 02, 2009  
Anonymous Kendra Liedle said...

I completely understand your dilemma. I've been in a similar spot with my own blog since I'm also in the midst of other projects, namely producing a web series, It's Always Smoggy In L.A. and working on a storybook.

I've always enjoyed your blog and most recently, your column in Bon Appetit! I read the blueberry scone saga yesterday and now have a hankering for trying out the recipe... that is, when I have TIME! Best of luck to you,

3:02 PM, June 02, 2009  
Blogger Robb Sempurai said...

great job

2:42 AM, June 03, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog--great writting--great memories that mean something "cozy" yet different to all of us. Loved your mention in the the New York times book review this past week---so much, that I went out and bought your book--it's wonderful reading--no surprise--stay well--be happy --its the journey, not the destinatio...

9:54 AM, June 03, 2009  
Blogger TheGourmetGirl said...

It's all about balance. Kudos to you for doing what you need to do!

11:28 AM, June 03, 2009  
OpenID spidersfrommars said...

I just found your blog, its a shame you won't be around for a while but you have very good reasons. I can't wait until you get back :)
Good luck with everything!

4:48 PM, June 03, 2009  
Anonymous Jackie @PhamFatale.com said...

I can totally relate. Get some rest. You deserve it. You're a great inspiration for all of us (your readers) :)

7:38 PM, June 03, 2009  
OpenID lisakairos said...

Well, I'm coming out of my lurker cave to say: Get some rest, enjoy the moment, and thank you. I've enjoyed your blog these last few months, and until you come back, I'll read up on all the months before I discovered it. Also, your book....
Good luck with Delancy.

10:19 AM, June 04, 2009  
Blogger moseyalong said...

As per usual, I'm late to the party. A blogging friend gave me your lovely book (which I'm in the middle of), I just found your blog, and off you go to focus on something else for a bit. That's fine, I understand. I really need to work on my punctuality.

This is a lovely place to visit, and I'll keep myself busy reading through your archives and admiring your photos and look forward to hearing updates when you're back.

Thank you! And best wishes!

10:27 AM, June 05, 2009  
Blogger rx said...

i just found you a few weeks ago and cheer you on in your decision to take a break - you are giving birth right now and need to concentrate!

i have been reading your book here on vacation at the beach and feel i have found a kindred spirit. a friend recently loaned me a pat conroy book with a chapter that talked about recipes being stories with food at their ends, or something like that. i have absolutely loved every minute reading your book and can't wait to get home to my own ktichen and csa farm share to start cooking :)

the northwest is on my list of places to visit, and delancey's will be on the top!

7:40 PM, June 05, 2009  
Blogger Lindsay said...

Hi Molly, I've been reading your blog and using your recipes for years, and just bought and devoured your book over the course of the last week. Who knows how many times I cried while reading it. Your stories are so personal and touching, your writing is beautiful, and your recipes are delicious and inspiring. Thanks for sharing all of this and best wishes for Delancey! Everything you do is amazing, I'm sure this adventure will be no different. Take care and enjoy every moment!

8:29 PM, June 05, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only just recently discovered your blog on a friends recommendation and have so enjoyed it. Good luck with your restaurant. If you find some time and would like a good laugh about life, wine, and parenting, please check-out my new blog:
take care!

9:01 AM, June 07, 2009  
Blogger marta varatojo said...

Dear Molly... a friend of mine told me about your blog yesterday... i'm a macrobiotic cook and was looking for inspiration for my new blog..
It's good that you'll be away for a while it will give me the time to catch up on your blog.. just read a few posts and loved it.. and loved the honesty in your writing, it has already inspired me... all the luck in the world.. see you soon!

3:14 PM, June 07, 2009  
Anonymous maegan said...

I can honestly say that this is my favorite food blog so maybe this is a sign that I should get outside a little more this summer and leave the laptop behind. I really respect you for being there for your husband. If you can keep your sanity and dignity through the wild ride that is "food service" then I know you will not regret your decision. May you and Brandon have some wonderful memories on the other side of all of this.

7:09 PM, June 09, 2009  
Blogger Siiri said...

Hey Molly, I know you're taking some time away, but I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Lemonade Stand Award.

When you get time, down the road, come check out the blog post on it. www.decorazzi.blogspot.com

I hope all is well!


10:29 AM, June 10, 2009  
Blogger Peter said...

Like Marta, above I have only just recently discovered your blog and it really is great.
But I quite agree - life is about priorities and there is no point feeling guilty about not blogging when there are more important things to deal with first.

Good luck, I'll look forward to your return, but in the meantime there is the whole archive for me to explore! . . . .


3:36 PM, June 10, 2009  
Anonymous Dave Jones said...

Good Luck and enjoy yourselves.

11:15 AM, June 11, 2009  
Anonymous Edie said...

Your book arrived in the mail on Tuesday. Now I am savoring each chapter, and am wishing it would never end. Your writing is beautiful, and the recipes will all find a way into my kitchen. Enjoy your break! Wishing you and Brandon all the best.

2:18 PM, June 11, 2009  
Anonymous leni said...

i just discovered your blog. love it!

2:46 PM, June 11, 2009  
Blogger Gordon Hamilton said...

Hi, Molly

I only just found your blog today and it seems that I am going to have to wait a bit for updates. You clearly have a great passion for food and that is fantastic. I really look forward to reading more from you in the not too distant future.

What is equally great, however, is that you also realise that there is more to life than food and that sometimes these things have to take priority.

Look forward to reading more from you soon,


12:00 PM, June 12, 2009  

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